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TOP 15 SAREE DESIGNS that will be perfect for AN INDIAN WEDDING

Indian Weddings and fashion go hand in hand. So many wedding functions means so many different outfits.

The Indian Sarees are top-notch at the priority list of every Indian wedding attendee. Confused about which Saree to purchase, and which one to wear, at which function?

Here, are the answers to all your questions. The following are 15 unique Saree designs you would not want to miss at the next wedding you attend.



If you are yet to begin your shopping for that long-awaited wedding ceremony of your childhood mate, or your darling sibling, or that college best friend, make sure to add a tint of Banarasi flavour to your backpack. 

Banarasi Sarees are well known for their finest silk fabric layered with gold and silver brocade, commonly known as zari.

The specialty of this saree lies in its vibrant base colors adorned with broad symmetric borders inspired by ancient Mughal designs. 

A decent handcrafted Banarasi saree will cost INR 2000 and above. Make sure to spend your money on an authentic piece.


  • Bandhani Saree

Crafted in the towns of Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Punjab and Gujrat, Bandhani Sarees are inspired from tie and dye technique. 

Bandhani includes patterns namely Chandrakala, Bavan Baug, Shikari etcetera; based on the manner of tieing the cloth. The basic colors used are yellow, red, blue, green and black. 

The fabric used is cotton making it light and easy to carry. Their prices start from INR 1800.


  • Chiffon Saree

From Sridevi to Deepika Padukone, Indian Cinema proves the fact that chiffon sarees never go out of fashion. This lightweight plus the economical fabric is popular for its shimmery looks, slippery texture and mesh-like structure. 

To steal all the best compliments, consider wearing a chiffon saree at an evening wedding event. This affordable piece is easily available at INR 800 and above.



  • Cotton Saree

The cotton fabric is highly advisable for summer weddings as it is soft and absorbs sweat. Cotton sarees in itself include a variety of designs from various parts of the country. Some of the famous traditional cotton sarees are : 

  1. Garhwal Saree – Shades of off-white, browns and grays embroidered with zari.
  2. Kota Doria – The multicolored check-print saree from Kota, Rajasthan.
  3. Jamdani – Striped cotton with flowery patterns hailing from the state of Uttar Pradesh. 
  4. Venkatgiri – The saree with the golden borders having contrasting and colorful geometric or animal prints. (INR 650 and above)


  • Sambalpuri Saree

This historically elegant saree belongs to the state of Odisha. The cotton threads are first tie-dyed and then woven into the fabric making it fairly expensive. 

The traditional motifs and intricate design make this saree extremely elegant and perfect for a wedding. Additional elements like wheels, swans, fishes, flowers, chakra make it more unique. 

This saree can cost from INR 2000 to even INR 30,000.


  • Floral Saree

Heading for a summer destination wedding, make sure to carry a light yet graceful Floral Saree along with you.

Be it silk, chiffon, georgette or cotton, floral print is a must in your wardrobe as it can be worn on cocktail parties, sangeet, a Haldi ceremony, and whatnot. 

These floral sarees are cheap starting from INR 700, and at the same time trendy and stylish too.



  • Georgette Saree

Another B-Town favourite, georgette saree is popular among youngsters of today. Made from a sheer and light fabric called ‘crepe’, this fabric is similar to chiffon but a little less lustrous.

However, it is cheaper, stronger and almost looks the same. It is easy to wear and costs INR 1000 and above.



  • Kanjivaram Saree

Woven by the pure mulberry silk thread, these sarees are crafted in states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

These are the thickest of all silk sarees produced in India making them the most expensive of all, too. Kanjivaram Sarees are colorful, durable, heavy, comprising of motifs like elephants, birds, coins, mangoes, etc.

The part where the pallu meets the body of the saree is differentiated by a zig-zag line making its design unique. The rich woven pallus and contrasting borders add more elegance to the saree.

However, these are usually worn by the bride and her nearest ones. An authentic Kanjivaram Saree usually costs INR 5,000 or above.



  • Lehenga Saree

Lehenga Saree is a fusion of two very popular Indian clothing styles which are lehenga and saree.

This new and fashionable saree is a recent hit in the market as it is easier to drape and does not require plates to be formed at the front, unlike a traditional saree draping style. 



  • Gharchola Saree

This variety of Indian Sarees hails from the state of Gujarat. The golden grid pattern embellished with red, yellow and white dots.

Other elements include ‘phulwari’ (floral motifs) and ‘shikari’ (hunting scene motifs).

Small golden motifs like lotus, peacocks, human figures are added to make the design more intricate and alluring.

Usually, a Gharchola Saree ranges from INR 1800 to INR 8000.


  • Ruffle Saree

Looking for a fashionable, trendy and at the same time graceful saree, Ruffle saree is here to help you.

Be it the ruffled pallu or the whole ruffled body, ruffle sarees are in fashion these days, and will surely add a young and stylish touch to your wedding outfit.

Ruffle sarees grab all the attention due to their unique and fresh design. These sarees are available online at INR 2000 – INR 3000 and above.  


  • Patola Saree

Patola weaving is often referred to as one of the most difficult weaving techniques in the world as it requires a double tie and dye crafting.

The fabric used is silk. However, these days Georgette Saree with patola print is also available.

The Patola Sarees were originally worn by women of royal families, but you do not need to worry as globalization is here to aid you with an authentic Patola Saree at just INR 2500 and above.

These sarees have heavy and symmetric patterns all over the body starting from bottom to the pallu.


  • Panetar Saree

Coming straight from the Gujarati handlooms, this variety has traditionally dyed red border and pallu with minimal tie and dye embellishment.

The design incorporated abstract motifs highlighted with white and yellow dots. It is made from Gajji silk fabric.

However, this saree is quite heavy and becomes difficult to carry at times. Thus, it is advised for brides or closest relatives only. Its price ranges from INR 2000 to INR 30,000.


  • Silk Saree

The use of Silk or Resham in India dates back to the time of Indus Valley Civilization.

Indian Silk has always been the attention seeker around the globe and attracted Mughals as well as the Britishers towards its production.

This royal fabric is the basic ingredient of almost all kinds of sarees but what a plain satin silk saree? It is trendy and never goes out of fashion.

A Silk Saree is smooth, shiny, comfortable and easy to carry.

It is a much-needed pick if you are to attend an Indian Wedding. A decent Silk Saree is available at INR 2500 and above.


  • Half and Half Saree

This new entry in the fashion world has been highly appreciated by ladies all around the globe.

Its specialty lies in the two contrasting halves in which saree is divided. One half is the overall bottom body which includes the plates while the other half includes the pallu.

The contrasting colors and designs for the two different halves add to the spicy flavor of this designer saree and its perfect for the wedding events like Sangeet and Reception.

These sarees are available online at INR 2000 and above.




  1. An Indian Wedding is incomplete without an Indian Saree outfit.
  2. There are too many varieties of saree designs to choose from.
  3. Almost all saree designs are available at INR 2000 approx.
  4.  Try to choose light sarees during summers and heavy ones for the main wedding event.
  5. All kinds of sarees are available online at e-commerce websites like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

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