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Indian Wedding Sangeet | Attire, Gifts & Theme Ideas

Ever wondered, why Indian weddings are so so cool?

Well, the answer is because of so much amazing traditional ceremonies which come along with every Indian wedding.

Wedding sangeet is just one of them, it’s a ceremony performed before every Indian wedding.

Being an Indian I’ve had this advantage to attend so many Indian weddings and I love them, it’s so much fun.

A few days back I attended this wedding sangeet and from there this idea of writing a blog on Indian wedding sangeet came to my mind.

What is sangeet at an Indian wedding?

Indian wedding sangeet is basically a pre-wedding fun ceremony, fun elements include dance, singing, good food, henna ceremony and much more. 

This ceremony takes place separately in the groom’s house and the bride’s house as well, it’s celebrated with all the relatives and loving ones.

Here’s how it starts:

All the elderly women of the family gather together to sing traditional wedding songs, Heena(Mehendi) ceremony goes on along with the singing.

Heena(Mehendi) ceremony continues until every member of the family is done with the ceremony.

Now, the dance performances start with all the family members performing on Bollywood songs.

Outfits and Dance music sinks with the theme of the sangeet, everyone comes dressed up according to the theme.

After all the performances, a delicious feast is served to all the guests, along with an open floor to all those who wish to dance. `

Do you bring a gift to sangeet?

Well, gifts are always welcome, only close relatives are invited to the sangeet and it’s a good gesture to come with a gift for the bride/groom.

Bride and Groom receive a lot of gifts at the time of the wedding, so, this is a great opportunity you to make the bride/groom feel special.

Gift ideas for wedding sangeet:

  • Sweets Box

India is well known and diversified for its sweets, be it any function, any event, any ceremony, sweets are always considered as a symbol of shagun (good luck).

Ladoo, gulab jamun, jalebi are some popular sweets of Northern India.

Karchi kaayi, karigedabu, Imarti are some popular sweets of south India.

A box filled with sweets is a very common gift in India, but I don’t consider it as a good gift for sangeet (too usual).

  • Clothes/Dresses

Indians love new clothes, especially Indian girls love it…

Presenting clothes as a gift depends on which side’s sangeet you are attending (Bride’s or Groom’s).

If you are going to attend Bride’s sangeet go for it, clothes are the best option.

Otherwise, it may not be the best option but it definitely is a good option.

  • Jewellery (Only if you’re a very close one to the Bride/Groom)

Jewellery is also a very popular gift amongst Indians, at the same time it’s not too usual. 

Jewellery like bangles, rings, necklace, chains, are some good picks.

These were some very special gift ideas you can also go for some simple picks like photo frames, Shagun Card (card filled with some money) or any other common gift.

At least present a sweets box if you going with no other present.

What to wear to a sangeet?

Well, some ethnic stuff always works in Indian weddings.

Peoples often wear western dresses also but if you would ask me what to wear in sangeet? 

Go for ethnic without having any doubt in mind.

  • Kurta Pyjama

Kurta pyjama is the best when it comes to family functions and attending them with full comfort you have to choose this one.

I like kurta pyjama a lot, they’re super cool and you can try around different colours and textures.

  • Sherwani

If you want to focus more on fashion and good looks then sherwani is the best option. 

You can find unique and different trends and a lot of varieties in sherwanis.

  • Kurta Pyjama + Nehru Jacket

Nehru jacket acts as a cherry on top of the cake on Kurta Pyjama, it makes it more graceful and adds a pinch of formal nature to the whole look.

Nehru jacket in common in semi-formal Indian dress ups and it can be matched with different Indian dresses also.

Sangeet outfits for the bride 

  • Saree

Indian housewive’s used to wear saree all day, saree is considered as one of the most ethnic outfits in India.

Saree’s come with a huge variety of designs and colours if you are a saree lover and wanna look, traditional Indian girl, go for it…


Lehenga is a bit more fashionable than saree and it has been worn by girls and women since the ancient period over thousands of years.

Lehenga is more famous in Northern parts of India whereas saree is normal all over India.

  • Suit

If you wanna keep it simple and down to earth go for suits…

After Indian housewive’s stopped wearing saree, the trend of the suit came in and it’s still there.

Even today, the majority of Indian housewives’ wear sarees at home.

But it doesn’t make suits boring and too simple, you can find huge varieties and designs in suit’s as well.

A lot of designer suits are also available in the market today.

  • Gown

The gown is more of a western outfit compared to lehenga and saree are more traditional.


It’s a single piece dress, you can find a huge variety of designer gowns and gowns with Embroidery work.

  • Long skirt with a Crop top

Again if you want to keep it simple and attractive, long skirt with a nice crop top is a very good option.

Ethnic long skirts look really nice when worn with crop tops, especially for such family functions.

Top 5 Sangeet Theme Ideas (Recommended ones):

  • Beach theme:

You like it western style?

Beach theme for sangeet is one of the most unique and exciting themes of all time.

The scent of Mehendi along with the sunset, light music and sea breeze, what could be better than this?

The only drawback is, it’s not that traditional and you could miss the aroma of Indian culture.

Choose this if you wanna keep it more happening rather than being more traditional.

  • Bollywood theme

Wanna keep it fun and vibrant?

Bollywood theme is the one for you, different genres including action, comedy, romance, drama and melodrama along with musical numbers can be manipulated to explore unique ideas for the sangeet.

It’s a very good theme, with a blend of Indian tradition and uniqueness, it depends on you, how traditional you wanna keep it.


Choose any of the Bollywood movies, say, “DDLJ”, now put the dress code as of the characters in “DDLJ”.

You can also assign the characters of the movie to your family members and then they have dress up accordingly.

  • Award Night

It’s a really cool theme, make it more interactive and more of an entertainment.

Here’s how to organize:

  1. Start off with Mehendi and traditional songs
  2. Once everyone is done with the Mehendi ceremony, set the stage for the award night
  3. Now every family member would perform on stage (tell them to prepare for the theme a few days before sangeet), whether it be dance, singing or anything.
  4. Ask the bride to judge all the performances
  5.  At last, distribute the awards to every member with some unique title.
  6. Based on the bride’s judgement, declare the best performer as the “Star of the night” and present him/her with a special award.
  7. Serve the meal.

If you are fascinated with cool award shows, then this is the best theme for you and all age groups.

  • Royal Rajasthani theme

Diversified Indian culture in Rajasthan is what makes it so special, it’s a pure blend of Indian tradition and history.

Also, Rajasthan is well known for it’s spicy and diversified food, so, it’s a good idea for a foodie theme.

Dress code of Traditional attires of Rajasthan like ghagra, choli (also called kanchli or Kurti) and odhni, and Rajasthani feast can be a great idea for Sangeet.

  • Indian Mela Theme

Have you ever visited the Indian Mela?

Well, they’re so much fun and super amusing. If your budget is not too high and you wanna give it a more colourful and attractive look this is the one which suits you.

Amazing decorations and a night full of colourful lights, what could be more beautiful than this?

Add fun events like games, dance floor, open mic, etc. to make it more special.



Indian Wedding sangeet is a pre-wedding Heena(Mehendi) ceremony, with added traditional songs and music. You can present some gifts like sweets box, dresses, etc. to the groom/bride. Outfits are the gown, lehenga, are some trending ones. To make it more fun you can choose a theme and then organise the whole ceremony accordingly. Presenting some gold jewellery as a gift is very common in India if you are a close one to the groom/bride go for it.

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