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Wedding registry – Bridal Registry

Haven’t heard about wedding registry yet?

Well, a few years back I was at the same place, and when I got to know about it, I was like this is something crazy but at the same time something very helpful.

Everyone wants to gift something special to their loved ones on their wedding,
Wedding is all about the groom and bride, right?

So, isn’t it a great idea to gift them what they need?

And let them decide the gifts.

For example, they might not want gold jewellery but a simple hairdryer or wish to go for a trip somewhere?

At this point when I was researching about wedding registry, a very obvious question cope up in my mind which was, “How can I gift them such an expensive trip alone?”

Well, that’s the reason wedding registries stands out, you don’t have to sponsor the whole trip or any other gift alone. All you have to do is, just be the CONTRIBUTOR with other relatives and let the couple decide their gifts.

Excited to know about how it works?

Let’s jump right in…

How does it work?

You can find hundreds of websites to create your own wedding registry, all you have to do is, sign up for some particular website.

Then create a kind of bucket list of items you need or gifts you would love to receive, it can be anything from a simple toaster to a show ticket.

There are a lot of websites which would allow you to create a free registry, they will just ask for some details like wedding date, wedding city and email address.

This idea of a wedding registry might sound greedy but it’s not, it saves a lot of money and by the end, everyone would end up with happy faces.

After you are all done with the list now it’s time to inform your well-wishers about the registry.

Now, this is the hard part many of your friends/ relatives might not know what is this wedding registry or how it works?

So, it’s very important to inform them about what exactly it is. For that, you can either share this article with them or try explaining each of the newbies about it on phone call.

How to inform everyone about the registry?

There are different ways to inform everyone about the registry, be it through social media or simple hand-written invitation cards.

One of the cool ideas is to make your wedding website and share it with all of your guests, also you can create a specific registry page on that site explaining every detail of the registry.

Along with the website, you can tell them about the registry page and I’m sure they would love to scroll around your wedding site.

We have so many pre-wedding events and events like a bridal shower or co-ed couples shower are some acceptable places to share the registry.

Keep your immediate family or the closest one informed about the registry, it’s likely your closest one might receive phone calls or messages about what to get for two of you and they will be the ones passing on the registry details with ease.


Do's and Dont's of wedding registry?


  • Don’t register for expensive items only

There might be some people who must be very genuine and want to gift you something with all their heart but their gift isn’t good enough because of the price tag. 

I’m not saying to completely avoid expensive items but just keep in mind to add average-priced items as well.

  • Don’t register for personal stuff

Beware of adding personal items like shoes, t-shirts, handbags etc, I know you might wish to have them with all your heart, but these are not the items to be added to a registry.

  • Don’t get too late to register

Yes, make it fast, weddings come up with a lot of work, responsibilities and you might mess up all the things by the end if you start it too late.

Take time, discuss with your partner, make your bucket list, sign up for a registry. Trust me, choosing the right items and making a good list would definitely take time and if you start too late you will end up rushing around and making wrong decisions.

  • Control your adrenaline rush

Don’t get too excited, I’m not asking you to not be happy but you’ll have to be very careful while choosing the items for the registry. 

You might end up adding items you don’t need or even know where to use them, add items which you really need and will make use of.

  • Avoid including your registry information on your wedding card

Many of the people use this way to inform about their wedding registry but it just doesn’t work well, because you don’t know how someone gonna interpret it. 

If possible try to not tell everyone about your wedding registry yourself, assign this task to your family members or friends or any close relative.



  • Do make sure you have a variety of items and a wide price range

Add a wide variety of products and if possible add more low priced items which can be purchased individually so that they can combine a different set of items as per their choice.

  • Your registry should be focused on daily needs

Make sure all the items in your list gonna help you in your living as a couple, you can also include trips, activities to your registry.

  • Complete your registry at least 1.5 months before your wedding

You can make changes to your registry anytime, but I suggest you complete and finalise it at least 1.5 months before your wedding, so you don’t need to rush at the end.

  • Do review the registry

Sit with your partner for one last time before finalizing the list and discuss each of the items. 

If something is odd and not fitting the requirements pick that out.

  • Make sure you thank everyone

If you’re registering online you’ll get notified who’s contributing and how much, you will have to send thank you letters to all of them.

I know it’s a busy time but don’t worry it’s not necessary to thank everyone on the same day take a time window of a maximum of 2-3 weeks to send the letters.

It’s on you how you want to thank your well-wishers, be it through social media, phone calls, emails or handwritten letters.

What can you register for?


Here comes the fun part, you must be very excited to know what can you register for…

  • Kitchen stuff

Following are some items which can be registered for your wedding

  1. Blender
  2. Juicer
  3. Bowls
  4. Platters
  5. Mugs
  6. Tea/Coffee Pots
  7. Plates
  8. Ice cream scoop
  9. Peeler
  10. Measuring cups
  11. Oven
  12. Cooking set
  13. Knife set
  14. Rice/Pressure/slow Cooker
  15. Mixer

There are many more items you can choose as per your choice, these were few useful items you can add to your list.

  • Other household products

Some of the other useful products are

  1. Wine glasses set
  2. Pillowcases
  3. Pillows
  4. Vacuum cleaner
  5. Blankets
  6. Candles
  7. TV
  8. Wall decorations
  9. Barbecue set
  10. Lamps
  • Trips, Event, Shows and more
It’s like sponsored trips/shows/events, like any other item added to the registry you can this too.

There are a lot of online websites which provides access to such registries like any other registry.

Registry sites in India?

Offline Registry?

It’s not necessary to make a registry online, you can register through physical stores as well.

There are many stores which would provide access to gift registries.

I suggest going for an online registry as it’s more convenient and less time-consuming.

If you’re going for an offline registry, make sure you not making registries for more than 2-3 stores, as it would end up making things more hectic.


  • A wedding registry is pre-registering for gifts.
  • Inform everyone about the registry through social media or at a pre-wedding event.
  • Make sure you send thank you letters within 2-3 weeks after the wedding.
  • Don’t register for expensive items only.
  • You can register for a wide variety of items.
  • You can register both online and at physical stores as well.

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